Sunday, October 31, 2010


While I was trying to rebuild my video game collection I was also adding new titles that I could find at bargain prices. When Ghostbusters came out last year it arrived to average reviews, so I ignored it in favour bigger titles like Uncharted 2. So a few months ago with the price having fallen sufficiently I picked it up in the hope that it would provide a few weeks of entertainment. I have to say that the most impressive part of Ghostbusters is how far they went in trying to make the most authentic Ghostbusters experience they could. The voices are all there, the environments look great and the conceit of making you the new member of the team works well.

Unfortunately, what doesn't work for me is the gameplay. I found the first couple of levels rather boring and the controls just don't feel responsive enough. Graphically the game is a little rough around the edges but the big issue was that it was giving me motion sickness. It wasn't too bad but I suspect had I played much longer the effect would have worsened. Perhaps (and I say this without much conviction) one day I will return to it.

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