Saturday, March 22, 2008

There Will Be Blood

I saw There Will Be Blood on Friday night. I had wanted to see the film for a while but I had been putting off going to see it. It just looked so heavy and I knew that it was a difficult film with a very long running time. Now, a long film doesn't both me but only if it is good. If a film is good then the longer the better. To say that this film is good is a serious understatement. When I got out of the cinema I knew that I liked it but wasn't sure to what extent. It was only when I started thinking about this review that I realised just how good it really is.

I do believe that I have seen a brilliant piece of work. A work of genius perhaps. It had everything from wonderful direction, beautiful cinematography, the amazing score (superb work from Jonny Greenwood), great performances and a very intriguing story. I was aware while watching the film that even over an hour into the film I was still unsure of where the story was going. Then even when it came to the end I was surprised at where it finished up. Surprisingly there were a couple of moments in the film that got the audience laughing out loud. Though I do think that in one instance it was probably not the intention of the film-makers.

It is a very long film but at no point did I notice the time going by. I just wanted to see what was coming next. I have to comment on the mood in the film. The director Paul T. Anderson (PTA) used the score and the look of the film to create a true sense of dread through parts of the film. At least that is how I felt while watching. Also the bravery of the director for opening the film with a near twenty minute stretch with no dialogue is to be applauded.

Having seen the film now I can agree that Daniel Day-Lewis was good value for his Oscar win. Some people have claimed he is overacting but I disagree strongly. Yes, it is a loud performance but that is the character he was playing, he needed to be that over the top. Having said that I would still have preferred to have seen Viggo Mortensen win best actor.

I think that PTA should have been honoured as best director at the Oscars. I just feel that the work done was more impressive in that he gave the film a totally unique look. There is a very high chance you will not have seen another film that looks like this. (No disrespect to the Coen Brothers though as I loved No Country for Old Men). Just another point about the Oscars. The score by Jonny Greenwood was disqualified and that is a tragedy. It does sound similar to some Radiohead music understandably and that for me is a major plus point.

I noticed a few people in the cinema left at around the two hour mark. That is something I just don't understand. They give the movie two hours and then leave? Why not stay for the final part rather than have the first two hours go to waste?

I would thoroughly recommend the film to anyone who has had their fill of blockbuster superhero movies for the moment.

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