Thursday, April 17, 2008

Time to retire Halo 3

So the time has come I think to retire Halo 3 from my collection. I have played it about three times since I bought COD4 and each time I was playing it I was thinking that I'd rather be playing Halo 3.

Right from the start it underwhelmed me with its average single player campaign. I actually did complete it but I never got to see the ending, I had to leave right at that moment. It was annoying but I was never inspired to go back and beat the last level again. If I do I can always visit youtube.

The multiplayer was good but I eventually go fed up of being thrashed by people who clearly spend far too much time playing the game. That and the fact that a very large percentage of people seem to play the game just to thrash talk.

I never got around to making my own map with The Forge or using the replay and save features either. It's a shame I suppose as they sound like fantastic ideas and will hopefully be in future games on the 360.

Anyway, I'll be trading it in next week I think when getting GTA IV.

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