Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Challenge - Update 8 (H's)

Ah, the halfway point has been passed. With only 52 movies to choose from the H category it doesn’t really help me reach the 1001 mark as quick as I was hoping. The one thing that I did notice about this group is the number of old movies that begin with H. When I say old I mean the 1980s to very early 1990s. This may have been the case in previous groups but I didn’t notice when compiling the list. These ‘old’ films include Howard the Duck, Highlander, Heartbreak Ridge, The Hard Way and there are a few more.

The best of the bunch from this category is between A History of Violence and High Plains Drifter. I really liked A History of Violence when I saw it back in 2006. Yes, it was violent but it was not glorifying it in anyway. Viggo Mortensen’s performance was excellent, really coming out from underneath Aragorn’s vast shadow. The coffee house confrontation scene was expertly done; so well in fact you could feel the tension. To top it all the cameo (because that is all it amounted to) from William Hurt was immense and he truly deserved that Oscar. As for High Plains Drifter I thought it was excellent and a very surprising film. I honestly didn’t see where this film was heading and when the final act unfolded I was absolutely gob smacked. Anyone who knows me knows that I think Clint Eastwood kicks ass and in this film it’s no different. Not quite Unforgiven but then again what is?

Current count: 509

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