Friday, February 22, 2008

The Challenge - Update 9 (I's)

After a little break in the hunt for 1001 movies I'm back with a small update. The letter 'I' has yielded another 39 movies for the list. Not that impressive really but I'll take what I can get. It is easy to pick the best of the bunch from this selection and that is the Indiana Jones trilogy. I know that is kind of cheating but I can't pick my favourite one. Another great movie here is Infernal Affairs, a terrific thriller for South Korea. This film is interesting to me, as I do not think it is actually as good as the American remake - The Departed. It is still a brilliant film though. I think the reason I prefer the remake is that some of the humour and the culture of the original just didn't translate well for me.

It is so easy to pick out the worst film here and possibly ever in the shape of Into The West. I was practically dragged to the cinema to see this sorry excuse for a movie. It is the one movie I always bring up when I talk about how poor I think the Irish film industry is. A truly terrible, terrible film. Avoid at all costs.

Current Count: 548

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