Wednesday, February 27, 2008

R.E.M. @ Twickenham

I just got my tickets to see R.E.M. at Twickenham in London this August 30th. I'm so glad that they announced this date along with three others as I was determined not to have to go and see them at Oxegen during the summer. I just have no interest in music festivals like that. Why would I want to spend good money to spend the day with 16 or 18 year old drunks more interested in drinking and fighting than listening to good music?

Anyway the show in London should be good. Only staying the one night but we should be in Barcelona sometime that month so not to worry. As for the venue I am surprised they have gone for such a big stadium. I mean it has 82,000 seats! I can't really see them filling it but hopefully they will. I think the new album will suit the new style venues, plus the incorporation of some rock classics into the set list should help. Tracks like Orange Crush or Walk Unafraid will be great to hear in this setting.

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