Thursday, February 7, 2008

My gaming history (P.2)

If memory serves me I got myself a Nintendo Gameboy around 1991/92 when I still had the C64. A friend of mine had one at the time and I thought it was amazing. There really was quite a large jump in the quality of the games on the Gameboy and the C64. Many of the games I had on tape were fairly ropey in all honestly but it seemed that many games on the handheld were just of a quality. Although they were all in monochrome but I don't think that was ever an issue for me.

I got Tetris with my Gameboy and that is the game that definitely got the most play over the length of time I had the system. In fact, even my mother got in on the act and got herself hooked on Tetris a little bit. The next best game was definitely Super Mario Land. It was a great game and one of the best Mario games. It did have quite a few gameplay differences to other games in the series such as levels flying planes or piloting a submarine (I think). It had a great difficulty level, set at a challenging level but just short enough to complete in one sitting. Remember it lacked a save game facility that later Mario games introduced.

I honestly don't remember too many other games that I had. I know I had Beetlejuice but I don't remember much about it. Not a good sign. I just remembered that I had another movie tie in, Gremlins 2: The New Batch. I know I got to level two in that game and just couldn't get past it. It is fine having a difficult game but it they are made too hard then as the end user you soon lose interest in the game. I can't actually think of any other games. As a testament to how much I loved the Gameboy I actually had it until 2004 when I gave it to my brother (including all original packaging).

Up next is probably the best console I've owned.

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