Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Batman: Arkham City

Unlike the first game in the series I was onboard with Arkham City from day one. I was really looking forward to this game after enjoying Arkham Asylum so much and on the whole this game didn't disappoint.

The combat is still as satisfying as ever and the characterisations are all excellent yet again. The move to a more open-world environment was a good choice too because it gives you the freedom to traverse a large play area as Batman. And being Batman, he has some cool ways to get about. The game is bursting with new characters, villains, puzzles and side quests. In fact when you first start the game the amount of content vying for your attention is a little overwhelming. Plus the sheer number of Riddler puzzles is off putting too. 

I felt that the story was a little lacking and towards the end it became a bit muddled. For me the ending was a bit anti-climatic too. I feel it is still a great game but not quite as good as it's predecessor. That could mainly be because the first game was such a surprise and felt so original. 

I should also mention that this game gives you the opportunity to play as Catwoman and those sequences are fun and the character plays a lot differently. Thankfully these sequences are short because playing as Batman is still the number one draw.

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