Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dark Souls. Or how I met my match.

I never played the Demons Souls of which Dark Souls is the spiritual successor. That type of RPG never really appealed to me but I kept hearing talk about how amazing, challenging and rewarding the game was. I felt as though I was missing out on one of the great communal gaming experiences that don't come along that often. 

So when I saw that the Dark Souls Special Edition could be pre-ordered on Amazon for less than the standard edition of most games I put my money down. The special edition is pretty cool considering the low cost and the game isn't bad too. In fact, I really liked the game for a short time. Right from the very beginning I found the going tough but fair. Mostly. Every time that I died I could see that next time I could do better and I would start over again and again. And again.

I managed steady progress for the first 15 hours or so. I got stuck on a couple of early bosses for quite some time but I always knew that I would beat them, I'd just have to prepare better each time. At one point I found an area where I could gain huge amounts of experience and leveled up significantly. It didn't help though. Soon after I was stuck. No matter which path I took, they all led to an enemy I could not defeat. More importantly, I did not see a way in which I could defeat them. I lost the will to continue to try. Dark Souls had beaten me.

It certainly isn't a game for everyone and I am not one of the people that the game was aimed at. I am glad though that I gave it a shot. I know what the experience was like and it was nice to have something different. 

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