Sunday, July 25, 2010

Actua Soccer

The next game I added to the collection another football game, Actua Soccer. I think I'm right in saying that this was the first football game that I bought for the PSOne. I suspect that is the reason why I enjoyed it so much. With no football game like International Superstar Soccer to play any half-decent football game to come along would do, for a while at least. 

It was the first 3D football game I'd played and after I'd gotten used to some strange camera angles it became second nature. I thought at the time that it looked pretty amazing graphically, although it has dated horribly. The same goes for the sound design. 

The strange thing I remember about Actua Soccer is that I used to play as S. Korea all the time. I would implement a 3-6-1 formation, which sounds insane but was amazingly effective. I can't remember the name of the Korean striker but he used to rack up the goals for me. Just like the other PSOne games I've written about, I want to fire it up on the PS3 to see how they play today.

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