Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dead Space added to collection

It was bound to happen while looking at all the listings on eBay that I would see a few bargains here and there. It started with Dead Space when I found a cheap copy and the auction was nearly at an end. I put in my bid of €6 expecting the bid to be sniped at the end. It wasn't and I had myself a nice little bargain. This was the first instance of me going back to games from this generation that I've missed for one reason or another. I decided that if I can fill the gaps of my collection at a reasonable price then I will.

The game is in mint condition and is regarded by many people as a very good game. I have played the opening half hour of the game and agree with the reviews that it does a very good job of establishing a very foreboding atmosphere. However, I don't have any immediate plans to return to Dead Space as I have more attractive options in my backlog but I do like a bargain and at €6 this definitely qualifies as such.

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