Monday, July 12, 2010

Best Pro Evo bargain ever?

While trying to rebuild my gaming collection it is important that I acquire the games at a good price. I don't want to be getting games for the Mega Drive for example at prices equal to current PS3 games. So far this has proven to be the case, apart from GameCube (GC) games which appear to have held their value pretty well. It must be due to the backwards compatibility of the Wii that is keeping the GC games relevant. 

So speaking of value for money, how about this - four Pro Evolution Soccer games for the PS2 for €3.96. Total. The games were:

  • Pro Evolution Soccer
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 3
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 4
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 5
Now if you look through other posts on this blog you will see that Pro Evolution Soccer is my favourite ever series of games. The remarkable thing about the four games here is that each one gets progressively better, not something that you can always say about sequels. 

I remember being amazed by the first Pro Evo game. I had been playing the International Superstar Soccer series up to that point and they were the pinnacle of console football games. At least they were until Pro Evo came on the scene. I would hate to add up the number of hours I've spent on the Master League in total between these four games. I'm pretty sure it would be a scary figure. Included in these four games is probably the best Pro Evo game of the lot, Pro Evolution Soccer 5.

It was so good I actually owned it twice. One copy for the PS2 and another on the PC. I used the PC version to play online, the first game that I put any time into online multi-player. I used the PS2 version far more though for my fix of Master League action. PES 5 has proven to be an extremely difficult game for the developers to improve upon as subsequent games on the new generation of consoles have proven. Perhaps they've finally cracked it with the forthcoming PES 2011.

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