Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Back, with a new challenge.

It has been quite some time since I last updated this blog. It is funny looking back at it after this time and seeing that I was updating the site on an almost daily basis for a while. Then it suddenly stopped. No winding down, just a sudden end. No big deal as I doubt that anyone had even come across this site, let alone read any of the entries. I suppose the main reason for the lack of activity was because my spare time was taken over with development of software for the iPhone platform. I got quite caught up in that for a period of about nine months to a year. Now that that interest is winding down I'm back with a new interest, rebuilding my lost video game collection.

Over the years I have owned quite a number of video games and consoles. These have mostly been lost over time. The PSOne and PS2 collection having been traded in, while what happened my Mega Drive collection remains a mystery. A few months back I suddenly had the idea of trying to recreate my original collection. I can't think of a rational explanation as to why I want to do this, I just do.

As I mentioned this started a few months back so I will be making several posts about my progress so far and how it has differed slightly from how I envisaged it originally.

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