Saturday, July 17, 2010

Destruction Derby 2

Sitting down to write a list of PSOne games that I used to own one of the first to spring to mind was Destruction Derby. It might not have been the first game I had for the system but it could have been the second. When I was searching eBay for a listing at a reasonable price, I kept seeing the sequel for sale. I instantly recognised the box art but I can't say for sure whether I owned the game or not. I know that I did play it so there is a chance it was rented, or a loan or perhaps I did own it. Having thought about it some more I have decided that I did own it, therefore I put it on my collection list.

I managed to get a copy in extremely good condition, even the jewel case isn't cracked. It comes in the strange double CD case that was common to a good many PSOne games. I wish I knew why they were released in double cases as the games only ever had one DVD. As for the game itself, I don't remember much about the gameplay in Destruction Derby 2. I seem to recall the design of the race courses being a lot better than it's predecessor, making them more fun but I'm not sure. The funny thing is I've just recently played the first game. I got it as a free download after setting up a subscription to the PSN+ service. So technically it wasn't free but that is what they would have you believe. Surprisingly enough the game has held up pretty well so I really must put Destruction Derby 2 into the PS3 and see what it is like.

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