Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stay frosty people

One of the first PSOne games I got around to replacing in my collection was Alien Trilogy, managing to snag a fully boxed and complete copy on eBay. The game is in quite good condition but the case is cracked, which seems to be the norm for PSOne games. Thinking back now even when it was my current console the cases would crack quite easily. As for the game itself Alien Trilogy should have been great, based as it is on a terrific movie licence. Even forgetting about the first and third movies, which might not translate particularly well to video game format, the second movie should provide more than enough ideas for an excellent shooter. Unfortunately, this didn't turn out to be the case. Right now I can't remember whether it was the poor gameplay or the motion sickness it gave me but either way I didn't get too far into the game. I also recall the game being fairly dark, probably to provide cover for poor in-game graphics.

On the plus side it had an excellent introductory cut-scene of the Colonial Marines landing on LV-426 and infiltrating the colonists compound. At the time this scene was simply incredible, something that the in-game graphics simply could not live up to. It also had some choice quotes from the movies, 'Stay frosty people!' is a particular favourite but it also had the famous 'That's it man, game over man, game over!' line. I'm just thinking now that Bill Paxton has a decent repository of one-liners throughout his movie career. There are the two aforementioned quotes, plus the classic, 'It's finger lick' in good.' from Before Dark (what do you mean you haven't seen it?).

I must try out Alien Trilogy again, even just to watch the intro again. Should be pretty easy to get it going as I only found out at the weekend that the PS3 will still play PSOne games regardless of the model. How did I not know that before now?

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