Tuesday, July 13, 2010

CG controller arrives. Looks weird.

This is the first of two quick notes on new hardware additions to the collection.

The GameCube (GC) is a system that I missed out on totally. According to people who had one there are plenty of sensational games for it. Thankfully, Nintendo know how to do backwards compatibility correctly and I can play GC games on my Wii. The first one I bought was Super Mario Sunshine nearly 18 months ago. I never did find the time to turn it on though. That is until I started rebuilding my collection.

I decided to play Super Mario Sunshine a couple of months ago now and popped it into the Wii. It took a few minutes before I realised that the Wii Remote is not compatible with GC games. I had just assumed it would be but having now seen a GC controller I can see the vast difference. I found a GC controller on eBay and it arrived shortly after. It certainly is a weird looking controller, building on the N64's legacy of strange controller configuration. I find it comfortable to hold and the button configuration is nicely laid out. The trigger button has a pretty cool double mechanic of being squishy or pressing it harder allows for it to click in. It is something I've yet to see on another controller.

With the new controller I thought I was ready to tackle Super Mario Sunshine. After putting in an hour or so I then realised I needed a GC memory card to save. That will be another post for another day though.

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