Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Challenge – Update 2 (A’s)

So here we are again for another update on the (stupid?) challenge I set myself. I have now finished going through the movies starting with the letter A. I came up with the surprisingly low number of 67 movies that I seen from this section. The list that I am using looks to be very comprehensive though. I just expected a higher number. It is possible that I’m looking through titles that just don’t spark a memory for me but if that is the case I would say the number is very few indeed.

It would be very hard to pick a favourite movie from this section as it contains the Alien quadrology (is that a word yet?) and Air Force One. It also has a few animated films that I saw as a child. Who else remembers Fievel? There is also the vastly overrated film All The Presidents Men. At least in my opinion.

It is funny that one of the movies listed here, Paul Hogan’s Almost An Angel is in this list. It's funny because the person in work who says you can’t see 1001 movies has this film listed as the worst of all time. Anyway, now it is onto the letter B.

Films to see: Amadeus

Current count: 84

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