Friday, January 25, 2008

Photography course - Night 1

I started a beginners course in digital photography last night. I have to say I was thoroughly pleased with the first night. I had looked at the topics covered in each week and it had looked like the first week would be overly basic but it the lecturer had plenty of useful information to pass on. Each successive week looks like it will get more interesting and I'm particularly looking forward to the topic of night shooting. The goal of last night was to get us comfortable with some of the many features on modern digital compact cameras. There was explanations on what the camera is doing in the background when choosing the scene settings such as Portrait or Kids & Pets, which are options on the Canon series of compacts.

I've always enjoyed taking photographs and last year I started to get very interested in the idea of photography. I found this course on the internet ( and had heard positive things about it from I was initially a little put off by the unprofessional looking website but the positive feedback and the course descriptions gave me enough confidence to choose this course. I have a plan in mind, which is to start with this beginners course that is aimed at people using digital compact cameras. If I like that I will continue on and do the intermediate level that again is for compact cameras. Again if I like that I will move onto the advanced course and it is this course that sounds really interesting. The only thing is that you need a dSLR to enroll in this particular course. Due to the cost of a dSLR I didn't want to splash out and do that course immediately. I thought maybe I would get board with the whole photography craze so it would be a waste of EUR400-EUR500 on a camera I wouldn't get any use out of. Now if I complete the first two courses and want to continue on it will be much easier to justify the outlay.

Looking forward to next weeks session but I've got to get my homework done before then. I thought I'd left things such as homework behind when I finished college but I guess I brought this on myself. Should be fun.

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