Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Paradise or not...

The game Burnout Paradise was released on the Xbox 360 last week and I am very tempted to pick it up. I find this quite strange because usually I am not a fan of racing games. In fact the last racer that I really enjoyed was Mario Kart on the N64 and before that on the SNES. Actually, I tell a lie as the DS version of Mario Kart is pretty nifty too. So what is it about this racer that has me thinking I should buy it?

It is the new style of play that it offers. An open world city with over 250 miles of road to drive around, coupled with multiple game modes. The best of which is a mode where you will be chased by a number of cars and the longer you survive the more points you score. That to me sounds like it would be an amazing game to take online on Live. I have played the demo but was left slightly disappointed as the demo only offered a tiny portion of the city with most of the events locked. It was a good taster but not enough to say whether the game would be worth it or not. In the end I doubt I will get it as I still have COD4 and Pro Evo to occupy my gaming time. If I get too tempted I'll try to remember that someone pointed out that many of the fun features in this game are likely to be present in some for in GTA IV, a game that I will purchase.

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