Friday, January 18, 2008

The Challenge – Update 3 (B’s)

Another letter down and just twenty-four letters left to go. The letter B has provided me with another 88 movies to add to my list. If the current rate keeps up I won’t need to go through the whole alphabet to find my 1001 movies.

So you ask, has the letter B provided any interesting movies? It has thrown up a total of five franchise movies – Batman, Bourne, Blade, Beverly Hills Cop and Back to the Future. So of the best movies there excluding those franchise movies include The Big Lebowski (my favourite Coen Brothers movie, yet to see No Country for Old Men), Boogie Nights (the best P.T.A. movie too) and Breathless but for far less artistic reasons than the previous two movies.

An interesting movie here for me is The Boys from Brazil. It isn’t that this is a good film by any means but it took me ages to get a chance to see it. I had heard the gist of the story and was fascinated but the film was a big let down. Although, it does feature 1980’s superstar Steve Guttenburg.

Films to see: Blood Simple, Born on the Fourth of July

Current count: 172

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