Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Challenge – Update 4 (C’s)

Another letter has fallen by the wayside and it has yielded another 79 movies to add to the growing list. The thing that has immediately struck me about this selection of movies is how none of them are standing out as obvious classics. I know Chinatown is in there but it is so long since I've seen it I would like to revisit it again before agreeing with with the general consensus on that one. The one I will pick as my favourite is City of God. It is a truly brilliant film with a terrifying villain all the more so given the young age of the character, indeed all the characters bar the sympathetic bus driver.

Other films of note include Collateral (more Cruise quality), Con Air (I like a good action movie) and Casino Royale. At the other end of the spectrum I'll give a shout out to Conan the Destroyer. What a boring movie that was.

A special mention to The Count of Monte Cristo. Sometimes a film comes along that surpasses all expectations. I had none for this movie but it is a great little movie and I always recommend it to people. So if you haven't seen it make sure you do. This is the Kevin Reynolds version to be exact.

Films to see: The Contender

Current count: 251

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