Wednesday, January 16, 2008

iPod Touch update reaction

I've downloaded and installed the firmware and software upgrade. I've had a little time to mess around with the new applications and I'm more than happy. In fact, I absolutely love it.

Mail works superbly and is so easy to set up. I set up my Gmail account (easily) and it automatically imported other settings for other accounts I have associated with my Gmail account. It is just simplicity itself, like a lot of Apple products really.

Maps is another great addition. I know that it is just Google Maps but to see it working on the iPod is amazing. The screen clarity makes it so easy to identify places down at street level. I found my house easily enough and adding pins and placemarks is well integrated.

The other three apps - Weather, Stocks and Notes are all fine but I'm not sure how much use I will give them. Still, they are nice to have. Possibly my favourite addition is the ability to rearrange the home screen. By pressing on an icon and holding it all the icons will start to shake (a very cool graphical touch) and you can now drag them around the screen. Another neat touch is the ability to add webpage bookmarks directly to the home screen. They look great as they take a snapshot of the page and place it on an icon. You can have mulitple pages now which is good.

All in all it is $20 very well spent. I'm going back to play with my iPod again.

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